Twitter user protests – I am not a freaking cricket match!

We’ve written before about the power of social media to thrust fame upon people, even when they don’t seek it.

Now, the start of the Ashes (for those who don’t know, that’s the historic test match cricket contest between England [and Wales] and Australia) has brought unwanted attention to a Massachusetts woman, who knew nothing about the sport.

How come? Well, for reasons even she can’t remember, the BBC reports Ashley Kerekes has the Twitter identity @theashes , and many cricket fans assumed that must be the account of the contest which is set to have the two nations’ sports fans gripped for the coming months.

Before the first match, she had 300 followers. By the end of it, she had some 7,000.

The surge of Brits and Aussies contacting her about a sport she barely understood initially prompted angry responses such as “I am not a freaking cricket match”.

But she soon mellowed, posting replies to many fans, and now even selling souvenir T-shirts.

From a quick look at her Tweets, we get the impression, there may even be plans to fly her to Australia to see what this game is all about.

We suggest she’ll have to put up with this attention for a while yet, because The Ashes isn’t a freaking cricket match either – it’s a freaking cricket series!

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4 Responses to Twitter user protests – I am not a freaking cricket match!

  1. Another great business venture in this age of commodified sport!!

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