Seeking the USA’s best looking short track car

There’s a wonderful account we follow on Twitter called Short Track Pictures, writes Andy Weltch. As the name suggests, it shares photos of short track racing cars.

We recently asked the account holder what do they consider the best looking short track car in the US in 2022 – and we were delighted with the response.

Short Track Pictures replied with a shot of Buddy Kofoid’s sprint car: “I love this question so much because I have like 50 answers to it. My pick – at this red-hot second – is Buddy Kofoid’s gorgeous Sprint Car. But, I’m hoping other folks will see this and respond with their own picks because 2022 was a very, very good year for slick-looking cars”

Others did indeed respond, and we were treated to more choices as the USA’s best-looking race car of 2022.

Thanks to Shaughn Jackson, Mike Holder, Rev Rob Branning, and Jacqueline LaFrance-Toussaint for their suggestions. All great choices, and it’s hard to pick a winner, but if I had to choose, I think I’d go with Jacqueline’s nomination, Ole Blue – the NASCAR Modified #3.

Whichever you prefer, it’s just nice to look at them isn’t it? As the biog for Short Track Pictures’ Twitter account puts it: “The world sucks right now, let’s look at racecar photos”.

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