Why universities need to communicate well

It is increasingly important for universities to have strong communications and public relations (PR) strategies in place, writes Rachelle Cohen.

In this digital age, universities need to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest technology and effective strategies to make the most of their communications.

Whether it’s to promote their research, share news, or build relationships with stakeholders, effective communications are essential for universities to remain relevant and successful.

Social media is now a key platform for universities to share their news, engage with students and alumni, and promote their brand. And most universities now have dedicated social media teams or use external contractors to provide specialist support and advice.

Good communication is essential for universities to maintain strong relationships with their stakeholders, including students, alumni, donors, and partners. For example, universities need to be transparent about their activities and open about any decisions they make. This could involve issuing press releases or responding to media enquiries in a timely way.

It is also important for universities to keep their stakeholders up-to-date on any changes that may affect them, such as new courses, changes to fees, or campus development.

When it comes to PR, universities need to ensure they are promoting their brand in the most effective way. This could involve creating campaigns to publicise courses or research, or hosting events to engage the wider community.

The importance of good communication for universities cannot be overstated. When done well, it can help to build trust and engagement among stakeholders and promote the university’s brand.

But poor communication can have a negative impact. For example, if a university fails to respond to media enquiries or provide accurate information, this could damage its reputation and lead to fewer applicants for courses or less investment in research.

So, it’s essential for universities to ensure they have strong communication and PR strategies in place. Often this can mean using external contractors to provide specialist support and extra capacity, perhaps for a specific project or to cover staff absence.

By bringing in consultants, like Weltch Media, universities can benefit from their experience, expertise, and knowledge of the latest technologies and strategies in the field. This can ensure the university’s communications and PR activities are managed effectively and efficiently, helping to promote their brand and build relationships with stakeholders.

It’s clear that communications and PR are essential for universities to remain successful and relevant. Good communication can help to build trust and engagement with stakeholders, while poor communication can be very damaging. So, it’s important for universities to invest in good communication, whether through hiring new staff or using external expertise for specialist support.

Higher education communications is a specialist area for Weltch Media. Get in touch to see how we could help your university or college with PR, communications, or training. Email info@weltchmedia.com

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