Howzat? England wins The Ashes on Twitter

Cricket Ball Striking WicketEngland’s cricketers didn’t just win The Ashes – the historic Test match cricket series against Australia – they also won the battle on Twitter.

Hannah Bouckley has analysed the stats for BT in this report, England Win The Ashes on Twitter Too, highlighting England batsman Kevin Pietersen as the most followed and re-Tweeted player in the series, and the England and Wales Cricket Board outperforming Cricket Australia in the (unofficial) contest between the governing bodies.

Although she doesn’t mention it, Australia probably wins the prize for the most embarrassing Twitter moment of the series – that Tweet claiming an umpire’s decision “sucked ass”, which we discussed here.

Perhaps our favourite Ashes Twitter story, however, remains that 2010 mix-up over a Massachusetts woman, who had chosen The Ashes as her Twitter name.

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