Aussies’ Ashes Tweet “sucked ass”

cricket ausAs usual, the current Ashes cricket series is producing plenty of talking points, and inevitably social media is involved.

Back in 2010, we wrote about a Twitter mix-up over the name The Ashes. This time, Cricket Australia’s own Twitter account is at the centre of the controversy.

When England batsman Ian Bell was given “not out” after Australian fielder Steve Smith appeared to take a good catch during Saturday’s play, Aussie fans were understandably annoyed, and expressed their feelings on social media.

We normally expect a more considered tone from the teams’ official feeds, but Cricket Australia’s account Tweeted that the decision “sucked ass” with the hashtag “#bullshit”.

Hardly the most shocking thing we’ve seen on Twitter, but not exactly appropriate language for a governing body under the public gaze.

As the Telegraph reports, Cricket Australia deleted the Tweet and posted an apology, while launching an inquiry.

It’s probably an unwelcome distraction for the Australian management, which (at the time of writing) has more pressing concerns, having gone 2-0 down in the five-game series.

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2 Responses to Aussies’ Ashes Tweet “sucked ass”

  1. This is all far worse than the English indignities of the 1990’s, but England did not have to worry about the impact of social media.

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