Super Bowl – social media’s biggest, but not necessarily best

So, as expected, last night’s Super Bowl XLVI was the most Tweeted US event ever. At its peak, the American football finale was generating 12,000 Tweets per second! By most measures, it’s the biggest annual sports event in the world – but, according to National Geographic at least, it’s not the best.

The Next Web analyses the stats here, but points out that last night’s game still falls short of being the world’s most Tweeted event – that honour remaining with the broadcast of a Japanese anime movie.

We’ve written before about the relationship between social media and sports such as ice hockey, speedway, cricket, Canadian football and rugby league, but the numbers involved are dwarfed by the activity surrounding the weekend’s big game in Indianapolis.

 This Lost Remote post highlights the event’s biggest moments and the record total 9.3 million social media comments, which (by that measure at least) may have made it the biggest social media TV event so far.

The organisers were certainly well-prepared, with an impressive social media command centre which helped a record number join in with the proceedings.

It’s an impressive story of a massive American event attracting huge global involvement, so you might expect a US institution such as National Geographic to rate this as sport’s best event.

But, no – it actually comes in at number four behind the Olympics, soccer’s World Cup, and – at number one – the Le Mans 24-hour race.

Biggest isn’t always best, it seems.

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