Pay attention – infographics put us all in the picture

We seem to be surrounded by infographics these days, but we’re not complaining – though we wonder whether they are a sign of our dwindling attention spans.

Now, what were we saying? Oh yes, infographics – visual representations of facts and figures which would be harder (or at least less attractive) to communicate in text. From simple road signs and weather charts, these have now become an art form in themselves.

Our attention was grabbed recently by an excellent example from our friends at Social Media Influence. Their History of F-Commerce tells the story of business transactions on Facebook. Starting with a bunch of flowers just two years ago, business on the social network could soon be counted in billions of dollars.

As in all the best infographics, SMI’s Sonia Malpeso presents a wealth of dry stats in a way which grabs the attention and holds it.

Did we say this had now become an art form? It seems we’re not alone in thinking so – there’s a call for designers and artists to put forward infographics for an exhibition as part of Cardiff Design Festival.

Infographics may startle, shock, or amuse, but they usually teach us something – and that’s got to be good. See you at the exhibition!

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