Brits abroad – in old cars

The British abroad may not enjoy the best of reputations, if tabloid tales of boozing and fighting are to be believed. But tours and rallies involving Brits and their classic cars really do earn the UK some kudos among our neighbours.

We were lucky enough to take part in one such recently –  the Tour de Bretagne is a two-day run in beautiful Brittany countryside, and the Weltch Media Nissan Pao relished the chance to join prestigious vehicles such as MGs, Triumphs, and even an Aston Martin.

We’ve blogged before about classic car events, including the MSA Classic run, as well as the appeal of classic micro-cars, but overseas events such as this do add an extra dimension.

As well as the chance for an envious close-up look at the other cars and to meet some fascinating people, tours in Europe enable classic car owners to show off their cars to a new audience.

We were delighted at the friendly waves from locals as we passed through villages, bringing back memories of the Liege-Brescia-Liege rally, which we entered in a Berkeley in 2008. This more ambitious and more competitive run is unique among classic car events – offering the option of competition, or just to use it as a non-competitive driving holiday through stunning mountain scenery.

The LBL continues as an annual event – generally still aimed at small cars, but with Jaguars eligible for the 2012 rally!

If you own a classic car, we’d recommend both these events – fantastic fun and your chance to do your bit for the reputation of Brits abroad.

If you’re enquiring about either of these events, please tell them we sent you. And, if you are involved in motoring or motor sport of any kind, please check out the expert communications services we offer.

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