BT goes crowdsourcing again – time to vote ‘bubble’

The BT couple, Jane and Adam, want your help again – this time you’re asked to choose their wedding car.

Last time I blogged about this pair was in a post for Social Media Influence last August, when a Facebook campaign invited viewers to decide whether Jane was pregnant. They decided she was.

Now, with wedding fever in the air (I believe there’s some royal event in the offing), your help is needed again, as BT launches another crowdsourcing campaign.

This time, either through Facebook or by sms message you get to choose which car Jane should arrive in.

Option A is a vintage Bentley (too conventional), B is an old Ford Mustang (too brash), and C is a classic Isetta bubble car – the natural choice.

Of course, I think microcars rule, so for me it has to be the bubble. How about you?

Andrew Weltch is owner and senior consultant at Weltch Media, a communications consultancy in Cardiff, Wales. His interests include social media and tiny old cars.

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