How our training went online – and off

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed almost everything online – from shopping to business meetings, from parties to plays, writes Andrew Weltch.

Although we’ve been working remotely online for years, until 2020, we never considered offering training that way – now it’s second-nature.

We have run several sessions of media training via Zoom over the past year or so, and we’ve now added copywriting training to our portfolio too.

While it lacks the advantage of face-to-face engagement – and possibly the buffet lunch – online training avoids the need to travel, saving everyone time and money.

Now, with most restrictions lifted in the UK [at least for the time being – I write this in August 2021], we are offering options: we can still provide our training online, and we can also offer it in-person at the client’s premises or at our training centre in Cardiff.

It means more choice for our clients and more variety for us. It’s just a shame it took a pandemic to make us think of it!

Training is one of Weltch Media’s most popular services. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we could help you.

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