The year’s best looking oval track race cars

Which was the best looking car to grace the UK’s oval tracks in 2022?

It’s a question we had to ask, after conducting a very non-scientific study to find the best in the USA, writes Andy Weltch.

So we asked four of the UK’s top racing photographers to come up with their choices, and here they are: two from National Hot Rods and one each from BriSCA F1 and F2 stock car racing.

Again, it’s just down to personal opinion, and there are no prizes, but we hope race fans enjoy this gallery of automotive beauty.

For Martin Kingston, the award goes to the National Hot Rod of Joey Palmer (196) because “I always had a thing about the colour purple!”

Joey Palmer – Ford Fiesta National Hot Rod, chosen by Martin Kingston

Colin Casserley’s top choice is the tarmac car of BriSCA Formula 1 world champion Tom Harris (1) – “simple uncluttered signwriting, unusual these days”.

Tom Harris – F1 stock car, chosen by Colin Casserley

For Alan Parkinson, the choice is the BriSCA Formula 2 car of Leah Sealy (475). “Not just because the car looks great – but there’s a personal reason too: I’ve been taking pics of her racing since she was about seven!”

Leah Sealey – F2 stock car, chosen by Alan Parkinson

Finally, Clive Marchant goes with the Paul Wright’s Vauxhall Tigra (743) National Hot Rod.

Paul Wright – Vauxhall Tigra National Hot Rod, chosen by Clive Marchant

It’s very hard to pick just one, of course, so our ‘panel’ also suggested some runners up. Here they are: Martin chose another Ford Fiesta-bodied National Hot Rod, this one driven by Northern Ireland’s Glenn Bell (9)

Colin picked the F1 stock car of Simon Traves (47).

And Clive chose another National Hot Rod from Northern Ireland – the Lotus Exige of former world champion, John Christie (962).

While, for Alan, it’s another F2 stock car – that of Aaron Viett (184).

Do you have a favourite? For me, from these, it’s probably John Christie’s Lotus, but they are all a joy to look at.

Many thanks to the photographers for sharing their thoughts – and their brilliant photos.

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