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Awards, praise, and a client in New York – reflecting on a special year

We spend more time telling clients’ stories rather than our own, but there have been some real highlights at Weltch Media in 2013, which we thought were worth sharing.

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It’s not just for elite athletes – why we all need recovery time

 Guest post by ex-Team GB track cyclist Denise Hampson, now a successful health behaviour economist, based in Colwyn Bay, Wales.

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50 great social media screw-ups and the lessons they teach us

These days it’s hard to avoid social media consultants and in-house specialists shouting about showing pride in their recent corporate social triumphs.

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The teamwork lessons which business can learn from sport

Sport has taken a lot of lessons from business over recent years, but an event this week has convinced us that business could learn more from sport.

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LinkedIn – a guide for beginners

Thinking of joining LinkedIn? Or just joined, but not really using it much? Maybe our free guide will help.

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Welcome to Twitter – a free guide for beginners

Twitter is easy, right? We’ve all been here for years, and the newbies pick it up in no time. Well, recent experience has confirmed that isn’t necessarily the case. So here’s our free intro guide to getting started on Twitter.

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Frocks from rocks – the stunning designs hidden for millennia

Some of the most stunning designs we’ve ever seen are produced by our client weston naturally exclusive – or, more accurately, by nature. Because weston’s work comes from the patterns hidden for millennia in rocks and minerals.

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Paperless office? Not yet, thanks. Why your organisation (probably) still needs print

When did you first hear the idea of the “paperless office”? Apparently, it dates back to the 1970s, but in 2010 how many offices do you know which don’t use paper?

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