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Media relations – why not try something different?

If you’re responsible for your organisation’s media relations, or you’re a PR professional acting for clients, it’s easy to settle into targeting the same media with your news time and again. But it’s surprisingly easy to try something different.

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Goal! UK’s ice hockey teams score with social media

Our first look at UK ice hockey teams’ use of social media proved to be one of our most popular posts. Now, one year on, we can report phenomenal growth in fans engaging with their teams through the main networks.

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A plural school and other perils of the style guide

Style guides can be invaluable when it comes to confirming an organisation’s approved format for dates or times, or use of capital letters. But sometimes, although well-intentioned, they can go horribly wrong.

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How to help your staff keep that online news area buzzing

Plenty of organisations invite staff to contribute to online news areas these days, but how much help do they give them to fulfil their role as part-time reporters? Maybe our free guide will help.

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How a Super League shock played out in social media

Among all the codes of football, rugby league seems to produce more than its share of off-field controversy – and this week’s jaw-dropping announcement of the new Super League licences was played out in real-time through social media.

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The Canadian Football League and Twitter: a fan’s perspective

Guest blog by Jerry Iwanus (Twitter:  @bawlfbomber)   Bawlf, Alberta, Canada Recently, Weltch Media posted an excellent piece about the many different kinds of “football” found in the world.  The reason the article is excellent, in my view, is because someone … Continue reading

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Frocks from rocks – the stunning designs hidden for millennia

Some of the most stunning designs we’ve ever seen are produced by our client weston naturally exclusive – or, more accurately, by nature. Because weston’s work comes from the patterns hidden for millennia in rocks and minerals.

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Blogging – still around, but not keeping up with the youngsters

Our friends at Social Media Influence posed a provocative question this week – Doesn’t anybody blog any more? As you can see, the answer is “yes”. But there’s a “but”.

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Newport and a Cardiff councillor feel the power of social media

South Wales found itself at the centre of two unrelated social media phenomena last week.

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