Women’s sport – it’s serious, but we’re glad it’s still fun

NWC 15 aWomen’s sport seems to have hit new heights – in Britain at least – in 2015.

The England Lionesses reached the semi-finals of the soccer World Cup, and England’s cricketers hosted Australia in a high-profile multi-format series.

Then there was the Netball World Cup, with England gaining the bronze medal and Wales performing superbly to finish seventh.

We’ve been used to women’s tennis and athletics being treated seriously for decades, but some team sports seem to have struggled.

It’s odd because there was a time (the 1920s) when women’s soccer in Britain was hugely popular. Now it, and other sports, seem to be regaining ground.

Live TV coverage of those netball, soccer and cricket tournaments certainly helped improve the sports’ profiles, but credit must also go to the efforts to get more women and girls taking part in sports.

The This Girl Can campaign was rightly praised by our friends at Sustainly. It stresses the health value and also the fun to be had from sport.This Girl Can

Indeed, fun seems to be an aspect where the women beat the men. Check out this video of the Wales netball team at the World Cup. Lots of smiles. Isn’t that how sport should be?

Netball photo (top) : Wales vs Malawi in Netball World Cup 2015 nwc15.com.au

This Girl Can photo (right) thisgirlcan.co.uk

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