Sipping sustainably: Cheers for green beers (and wines)

We’re increasingly interested in sustainability here at Weltch Media. We like the odd glass of wine or beer too, so when we received a story that involved both, we were naturally interested.

You don’t need to be a sustainability expert to figure out that your pint of beer or glass of wine has taken its toll on our planet’s resources before it reached you.

Land, water, energy, waste, transport – there’s a whole list of factors which might make any concerned citizen think twice before taking a sip.

So this article by Abby Quillen, Sipping Sustainably, for Custom Made should have a wide appeal.

With the lowdown on how breweries and wineries are now embracing sustainability, the article shows how you can enjoy a glass or two without abandoning your environmental principles.

We’ll drink to that!

Check out the superb infographic below, and click anywhere on it to take you to the article.

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Sipping Sustainably: Green Breweries and Wineries

Sipping Sustainably: Green Breweries and Wineries
Infographic by CustomMade

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