Media relations – why not try something different?

Couple at a NewsstandIf you’re responsible for your organisation’s media relations, or you’re a PR professional acting for clients, it’s easy to settle into targeting the same media with your news time and again. But it’s surprisingly easy to try something different.

A couple of the Weltch Media team recently ran a media workshop for a client, in which – among much else – we briefly explored new opportunities for media coverage.

In just a few minutes, browsing some unfamiliar magazines – plucked almost at random from a newsagent’s shelves – they came up with a wealth of ideas for getting their organisation’s news into those pages.

The same could be done for online media too.

Of course, PR isn’t about having your organisation mentioned in random media outlets; but by thinking about other media, you may find new ways to get your stories and your key messages to your target audiences.

Why not give it a try? And if you want help from us on any aspect of media relations or media training, do get in touch.

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