Oval track racing – motor sport’s best-kept secret

Think of motor racing, and for most people the image that comes to mind is probably Formula One. That’s hardly surprising when the UK’s mainstream media ignores virtually everything else. But most motor racing is very different, and perhaps its best-kept secret is oval track racing.

Thousands of drivers take part in races on short oval tracks around the UK, attracting crowds which are often bigger than those at the better-known circuits.

We recently caught up with one of the bigger meetings – the world championship for saloon stock cars and the English open championship for Formula 2 stock cars in a big weekend event at Smeatharpe  Stadium in Devon.

Run by Autospeed, one of the UK’s longest-established motorsport promoters, the meeting provided some spectacular action, and title wins for local man Eddie Darby who retained the saloons world crown and Scotland’s Gordon McDougal who won the main F2 event.

We’ve written about oval racing before in this history of the sport in Wales, this piece about niche publications and this post about our favourite retro-racers. We’ll certainly write about it again. But for now we’ll just recommend you try it sometime.

If you’re involved in motorsport, as a promoter, driver or team manager, maybe we can help with publications, publicity or other communications.

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