The teamwork lessons which business can learn from sport

Sport has taken a lot of lessons from business over recent years, but an event this week has convinced us that business could learn more from sport.

Sport Wales chair and ex-international soccer player, Professor Laura McAllister, and Formula One expert Mark Gallagher shared their insights on the subject at The Challenge – events run by Leadership & Management Wales.

Time for a quick pit-stop here, while we declare an interest – LMW is a client. But comments on the day and posted in social media confirm we’re not alone in our enthusiasm for these events, run at venues in South and North Wales yesterday and today.

We’ve seen how sports bodies and clubs have become more businesslike in the past decade or so. Our own client Tennis Wales is among the organisations which became a limited company to great effect, and we’ve noted how cricket clubs (for good or ill) have moved to a more commercial focus.

The lessons which came from The Challenge were how organisations of all kinds can learn from sports – especially in team-working.

Mark pointed out that the greatest driver won’t win any races without the support of a team of engineers (and other professionals) behind them.

And he gave some startling examples of the trust needed in teams – members of the pit-crew must have total faith in the driver to miss them, if they are kneeling, ready to change wheels.

Perhaps the most memorable example, though, concerned Dave, the bus driver, whose ingenuity effectively won the French Grand Prix for Jordan.

Among much else, we also liked Laura’s four cornerstones to good leadership – Confidence, Consistency, Calmness, and Compassion. The last is the most important, she says.

We reckon there are some in sport and business who could learn from that lesson!

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