An Annual reason for British ice hockey to be proud

When we put forward five reasons to watch British ice hockey last year, we should have added a sixth – it has an excellent yearbook!

The Ice Hockey Annual has been around since the 1970s – through thick and (very) thin times for the sport – and the 36th edition, recently compiled and published by Stewart Roberts is another great read.

The Annual provides the facts and figures you need, but more importantly it’s written in a lively and engaging style that invites you to dip into it again and again.

We’ve been fans of this book since we became involved in the sport way back in the 1980s, by which time the Annual was already well-established.

We admit to some doubts about the coloured pages this year(!), but the words and photos make this publication something for British ice hockey to be proud of.

Weltch Media doesn’t do much advertising, but this is one publication we are pleased to support each year. Just take a look at page 20.

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