Small cars are a big hit

Our love of small, old cars is no secret, so it was no surprise to find us the National Microcar Rally recently. Here’s our belated photo record of the event.

The 2011 rally was hosted by the Bug Club and held at the Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum in Calne, Wiltshire.

When the rally was last held at this venue in 2008, it turned into a quagmire. This time, improved drainage, and better weather helped ensure the event was a huge success.

The Weltch Media Nissan Pao was among the cars on show. Although not strictly a microcar by most definitions, it was small enough (and certainly “interesting” enough to be admitted).

Here are some pictures from the final show day, when we enjoyed catching up with friends from the Berkeley Enthusiasts Club and being reunited with fellow competitors from the 2008 Liege-Brescia-Liege rally.

Here’s a great photo-gallery of the show, and some video of cars heading out on a run.

Want to see more? Here’s our review of the 2010 rally and our own motoring page.

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