England vs Wales at baseball – that’s British baseball

It’s baseball, but perhaps not as you know it: when England face Wales in the annual international game in Liverpool next week, they’ll be playing the traditional British version of the game.

This annual international fixture dates back to 1908, but the game of British baseball is much older. There are literary references to baseball in Britain from the 18th century, and the governing bodies in England and Wales were formed in the late 19th century.

The game differs from the US version in having 11 in a team, and teams batting through until all are out or stranded on base. Also, a run is scored for each base reached. There are other rule differences too, as can be seen by the laws of the game and video tutorials.

Today the sport, which once attracted five-figure crowds, is mainly confined to Cardiff and Newport in South Wales and to Liverpool in North West England; and the main international match has been dominated by Wales in recent years.

Junior internationals have now been established, and the women’s game is thriving.  We certainly hope this exciting and accessible summer sport can regain some of its former glory.

The full international match takes place at Edinburgh Park, Liverpool, on Saturday July 9th.

More information about the sport is available in a downloadable brochure co-produced by Weltch Media.

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