Frocks from rocks – the stunning designs hidden for millennia

Some of the most stunning designs we’ve ever seen are produced by our client weston naturally exclusive – or, more accurately, by nature. Because weston’s work comes from the patterns hidden for millennia in rocks and minerals.

Richard Weston – a professor in the Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff University – discovered a few years ago that by scanning certain minerals at very high magnification, he uncovered incredible images.

They often include vivid colours, startling patterns and even images which appear to be the work of an artist – landscapes, seas, clouds, even ice splashing into a gin and tonic.

Thanks to sophisticated printing techniques, these stunning designs can be printed on to fabrics for scarves, ties, even dresses – weston’s famous “frocks from rocks”, as modelled (above) by TV’s Sian Lloyd.

We reproduce some of the images here and encourage you to see more on the naturally exclusive site, and the recently-established Facebook page, where you can join in the conversation about these remarkable products.

The work was a prize-winning hit of last year’s Cardiff Design Festival, boasts renowned retail outlets including Liberty of London, and has a growing fanbase around the world – as this recent blog by renowned Indian broadcaster, actress and writer Anuradha Ananth testifies.

The stunning fashion wear produced from these images looks set to gain even more fame, when they feature in a forthcoming BBC 2 TV series.

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  1. My scarf is a big hit in Chennai. The sari’s going to be a head-turner I’m sure !!

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