Little Nissan gave us a great day (and questions to answer)

We had a great day on the recent MSA Classic run – a day-long non-competitive rally for classic cars – in our unusual Nissan Pao, which prompted the same question throughout the day: “What is it?” Our start point was at Castle Combe circuit and we followed a picturesque route to reach the finish at Rockingham, where we were allowed two laps of the sports car circuit.

The Pao attracted a lot of attention through the day – even when parked alongside much more exotic and expensive machinery – and the question we kept hearing was “What is it?” We reckon there are fewer than 100 Paos in the UK; so, even among classic car enthusiasts, it’s an understandable query.

We took the circuit behind an Aston Martin, and managed to keep it in our sights as we leant through the corners. Afterwards, the owner came to see us (and asked “What is it?” of course).

“I just wanted to make sure that little car didn’t catch us,” he said.

There was no chance of that.

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