Getting (virtually) rich quick – the rise and rise of online currency

Lost confidence in the world’s currencies? How about virtual currencies? They’ve been gaining ground, with innovative ways to earn and spend. Now we hear that, a virtual goods marketplace launched by Sometrics this summer, even allows gamers to earn currency through everyday online activity. 

We last looked at virtual currencies in a post for Social Media Influence a few weeks ago, specifically focusing on the potential for Facebook Credits as a mega money-spinner for the giant social network.

Facebook Credits aren’t the only game in town, however. We don’t spend all our online time on Facebook, and the latest GameCoins initiative has exciting potential of its own. With a browser add-on called GamerBar, online game fans gain access to exclusive perks just by browsing and shopping at online retailers. already reports more than half a million users, and one of its big attractions is that it offers ways to earn real-value currency without spending any dollars, pounds or euro.

So far, this has been by writing about a favourite game or discovering new games through missions. The new GamerBar now adds browsing and shopping online to the ways to earn.

Simply by installing the GamerBar to their web browser and using the search feature, gamers can earn Game Coins every time they’re online. Shopping online with any of the selected retailers racks up bonus Game Coins as well. The earned currency can then be redeemed for virtual goods and credits at’s social gaming partners.

Sometrics says it will be adding new retail partners and features soon, and reaction we’ve seen from users is generally positive. So this could be a currency that turns out to be a sound investment.

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